Monday, April 16, 2007

What was your favorite Kenner Star Wars Play Set?

It has been a while since I posted here on Toys2Remember because I have been concentrating on my GardenDesk blog.

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Now for the actual content of this post:

One of my first posts dealt with Kenner Star Wars figures and playsets. My picture posting wasn't very good back then, so I wanted to re-vist my favorite toys as a kid. I'm sure if you grew up in the 80's, you had some Star Wars toys. Everyone had some. I was crazy about Star Wars, so I had a lot of figures and playsets. My favorite one was the Death Star Space Station, followed closely by the Millennium Falcon ship. In bot cases, I wished that there was more to them, but toys are somewhat limited. Here are a couple pictures of my Millennium Falcon:

And here are some pictures of my Death Star Space Station:

I had a lot of fun with that Death Star. It was my favorite because I could fit many figures in it and play out stories there. I didn't like it at first though because I didn't think it looked at all like the Death Star. The only real resemblance was on the back panels.

After I realized that it did have many of the components from the movie, I began liking it more. It had the trash compacter, the tower where Obi-Wan Kenobi disabled the tractor beam, a cool elevator, a "bridge type area", the giant planet-destroying laser cannon, and my favorite - The spot where Luke and Leia swung across to evade the oncoming Stormtroopers!

Unlike the movie, you could choose to have the figure swing across or you could extend the bridge. In the picture, Luke is standing on the bridge after is has been extended. All in all this play set was great fun and is awarded the "my favorite Star Wars Playset Award". What was your favorite? Even if you didn't have any playsets, was there one you wanted to have? I would appreciate your comments.

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