Friday, March 16, 2007

Remember the original Fisher-Price Little Snoopy?

You can buy a white plastic Fisher Price Lil Snoopy at the toy store today, but remember the original wood Little Snoopy? The one I had wasn't even the original. It was from around 1965 and was catalogued as FP #693.

I loved that little pull toy dog! I still have it to this day. If you had one and don't still have it, Little Snoopy's are available on Ebay for CHEAP! I never understand why some vintage toys cost hundreds of dollars today, and others like 693 Little Snoopy, you can get for one dollar.

Maybe it is because they are so common. Just about everyone in the 1960's and 1970's had a little snoopy dog. Didn't you?

I like how you can pull it and it makes a clicking noise and the wheels wobble causing the dog to go happily up and down. His spring tail just wagged and wagged. He was a great dog. He followed me where ever I went! Here are some more pictures of him:

I wish Fisher Price still made simple toys like the wooden Lil Snoopy, Don't you?


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domestika said...

Oh, a trip down memory lane! (Wouldn't it be great to find someone who's competent with a jigsaw, to make a replica Little Snoopy from a hand-drawn pattern?)

Elizabeth Jane said...

I still have one of these! LOL :]

Brenda said...

I just showed my son the pictures of yours and he said that he still remembers his Snoopy from over 30 years ago.
I have fond memories of him pulling it up and down the hallway with our long-haired calico cat "Abercrombie" chasing them, hearing him laugh and the clackity sound of the toy.

Carolem2g5gg1 said...

In 1967 we purchased our first Little Snoopy for our son, age 18 months. We later got one for our second son.
I was able to keep the one from our first son, as it was in the better condition, here on my book shelf in the library.
When our grand-daughter came along and started walking, I handed her the little doogie from the shelf and they became fast friends.
My hubby took the doggie one night and appled plyurthene to it to keep it nice.
Today I am sitting here and watching my 9 month old great grandson playing with and so delighted with that first one we purchased in 1967.
What a wonderful toy it has been and so many happy memories - and in photographs and home movies.
Love it

toy said...

Nice memories!.... thanks for sharing..

Climbing Frames Online said...

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Gustavo Echeverry said...

I still have my Snoopy made of wood but little more advanced. (1975). Ti is THE BEST! it barks when you make it walk. My 9 months old daughter loves it. She laugh so hard when i make it bark.
Here are some photos:

Jessica said...

I am now 20 and i had the little snoopy # 2034 made of plastic. he was so much fun. theres still a lipgloss kiss on his lips from when i kissed him at christmas whe.n i was little. now my 10 month old son loves to pull him along. the string broke some time ago but yarn works fine as well