Thursday, February 15, 2007

Mego World's Greatest Super Heroes!

Probably the best Superhero toys EVER made were by MEGO in the 1970's. In one of my earlier posts, I talked about Star Trek Mego. Since I only had one picture on that post, here are a couple pictures of the Mego Star Trek Figures that survived my childhood:

Of course this is the Klingon, Captain Kirk, Spock, Scottie, and Dr. McCoy. The other bad guys were pretty cool too! Here is Neptunian and Cheron:

Hey wait a minute, this post is supposed to be about the Mego Super Heroes! Sorry, I always get sidetracked to Star Trek or Star Wars.

When it comes to Mego Superheroes, my brother and I spent countless hours playing with them. We had just about all of them (well actually, most of them were his). They were called "The World's Greatest Super-Heroes". Most of them were Marvel, but the heroes made from D.C. Comics were probably the most popular. Among them were Superman, Aquaman, and Batman and Robin! We played with the ones we had so much that this is what most of them look like today! :(

Many of them broke or were altered by our imagination. Remember how much fun they were? It wasn't just the figures either, the playsets were so cool! Our dad always called the figures "dolls" wich used to make my big brother so angry!

Anyway, we didn't destroy them all. These guys survived:

The Thing from the Fantastic Four and Aquaman

The Human Torch (also from the Fantastic Four) and Ironman

The Incredible Hulk and Batman's enemy, The Penguin

The Green Arrow and Shazzam

And now for our all time favorite:

Mego Mighty Thor with his hammer Mjolnir!

Thor was one of the later releases in 1976. I think he was the first to receive the newer body type, often referred to as Body type II. He had "real" hair, a removable metallic helmet and hammer, and rubber boots. All the other figures had plastic boots. Wait a minute, now I'm beginning to sound like a collector! As kids, we thought all of those new features made him the coolest.

I could go on and on but I need to bring this to a close. I will write a Mego Batman only post soon. Please comment below and let me know what your favorite Mego Super Hero was, or what you think I should post about next. I will try to be more frequent in my posting.

Thanks for remembering Mego with me!


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Luckfinder said...

hey this is realy cool. I read twisted toyfare theatre and I want to learn more about the figures. This is a realy cool post!

quartet-man said...

I loved the Mego Superheroes. Here I am with 40 nipping at my heels and have great recollections of these things. As far as I remember, I got my first one around 1973, and I believe it was Green Arrow. Our local store was out of stock on Batman and others, but Green Arrow (although unknown to me at that time) looked cool and I didn't want to wait. The Batman and Robin with removable masks were before I started getting them I think. By the time I got Batman and Robin, they were the painted on versions. However, I did have some with the metal pins for the joints (before they cheaped out and used plastic pins for joints.)

I also seem to remember the first ones I had were put together using and ones that were put together round elastic (which was easier to replace and repair) than the rubber bands and hooks they used later.

I remember getting some of these figures on clearance for around $3.00 each. I was into DC Heroes and only got Marvel ones basically used from friends. Many Christmas I wanted as many of these as I could get. Many figures and accessories I got I had to replace. As I recall, I had a total of two batcaves, two batmobiles, two batcycles as well as having a Mobile Bat Lab and most of the DC Heroes. Alas, I never got the Teen Titans in time and that was one regret to add to missing out on the heroes with removable masks and the fist fighting ones (which a friend did have.) . I did have a Magnetic Batman, but never found Robin in stock when I could get him. Sure there are much better looking toys now that I would have loved as a kid, but these things were magical anyhow in a time when toys were a lot less sophisticated.
I do wonder if there are toys today that kids of today will remember as fondly when they are adults.

My mom used to be a bit concerned about how much I got into these things. However, her mom said there was nothing the matter with it and for her to leave me alone. When this grandma of mine died, each of us kids got $20. of the little money she was able to leave to our family. What did I buy with mine? You guessed, Megos. Somehow it seems right. :-)